Tuesday, July 18, 2017

President Graves

As you can tell from this website, we are a real fan of history, and especially American History. Many of our family trips centered around people, places and historical sites across the United States. One of our first trips took us from Houston to Washington DC via Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland and finally Washington DC. During this trip we visited, among other things, the Tennessee Capitol Building, Hermitage, Monticello, Mount Vernon and Arlington National Cemetery. As a result, we had unintentionally visited the final resting places of six United States Presidents (Polk, Jackson, Jefferson, Washington, Taft and Kennedy).

It wasn't long after our trip we realized we had visited 1/6th of the US Presidents graves, and we made it a priority to visit Presidential sites (grave sites, homes, birthplaces, libraries etc.) on our future trips. Therefore, in 2007 we planned a trip to New England, and the trip would include seven states, seven capitols and seven US President grave sites. The trip also included two President Libraries, and six President's homes.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Vice President Graves

This is our list of Vice President grave sites we have visited over the past eighteen years. There have been 14 Vice Presidents that eventually served as Presidents. Thus far we have visited 40 of 42 Vice Presidential graves. We attempted to visit Nelson Rockefeller's grave, and made it as far as the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. However, his grave is located in a private cemetery...We got very close.

Thus far only one person has visited all sixty six Presidential and Vice Presidential grave sites. Kurt Deion has a website "Kurt's Historic Sites - Hands-on History" documenting the grave sites he and his dad visited. On August 5, 2015 he was interviewed by Brian Lamb on C-SPAN, and talked about his visits to the graves of presidents and vice presidents.